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'Pitch Invasion' by Aldo Giannotti and Pablo Chiereghin, 2017


Italian Embassy – Palais Metternich Vienna
Rennweg 27, 1030 Vienna, Austria


Opening on 27 April 2017 by
Giorgio Marrapodi, Italian ambassador to Austria
Karlheinz Kopf, second president of the Austrian National Council
Stella Rollig, general director of Österreichische Galerie Belvedere
Marcello Farabegoli, curator of the exhibition

Part of the exhibition can be visited from 28 April to 30 June 2017 by prior arrangement with the curator: / +43 660 143 52 54.

A production by Marcello Farabegoli Projects in cooperation with the Italian embassy Vienna. Special thanks to Galerie Ernst Hilger for providing Massimo Vitali’s works and to the sponsors.


Pictures of the exhibition

Video of the exhibition

Pictures of the opening

Catalogue online


This is the third major site-specific show curated and produced by Marcello Farabegoli Projects on behalf of the Italian ambassador Giorgio Marrapodi for an exhibition cycle devoted to contemporary art at Palais Metternich. This time the show does not so much concentrate on the history, architecture, or aesthetics of the palace but rather on the embassy’s function of representing Italy abroad. Its special focus is on Sunday, la domenica in Italy, as a day which is (still) a work-free holiday in both countries, with all its rituals and special rhythm of life. Associations with a particular religion are of minor importance in this context...

For further information about the concept in German, click here.


Press review
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Kurier, 3 May: Kulturtipps, 5 May: 'Una domenica nel pallone', Mila Cataldo
Messaggero Veneto, Blog d'Autore, 6 May: 'Provocazioni d’arte sulla domenica in una mostra all’Ambasciata', Marco Di Blas, 7 May: 'Ambasciata di Vienna con la testa nel pallone', Franco Martina
PARNASS, 6 June: 'Domenica – Von den Freiheiten und Eigenheiten des (Sonn-)Täglichen', Paula Watzl
Artribune, 13 June: 'Il settimo giorno. La domenica italiana in mostra a Vienna', Franco Veremondi


Supported by:
Best in Parking – Holding AG
Concept Solutions Veranstaltungstechnik
FALKENSTEINER Hotels & Residences
FIAT Chrysler Automobiles Austria GmbH

GENERALI Holding Vienna AG