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Oscar Cueto, Las Manuelas, 2019, Courtesy Wien Museum















LAS MANUELAS by Oscar Cueto
curated by Marcello Farabegoli


Exhibition: 3 - 29 November, 2023

Opening: Thursday, 2 November at 6 pm

Catalog presentation: Tuesday, 14 November at 7pm


Marcello Farabegoli Projects
Guest at Kunstraum Feller
Kaisterstrasse 54, 1070 Vienna


Opening hours: Wed - Fri, 3-6 pm and by appointment
Contact: Oscar Cueto /+43 650 367 21 38


The exhibition presents a selection of drawings from "Las Manuelas", which serves as a prelude to the presentation of the book of the same name, that contains the entire series with more than 300 images. "Las Manuelas" is a physical, emotional, moral and psychological interpretation of a real person named Manuela. In an attempt to represent her true character, the series creates an idealized figure full of Cueto's desires, beliefs and political thoughts. The series is a reconstruction, a perception, a desire, a content and a deposited emotional charge. The tension between reality and its idealization is represented with precise geometric elements in which the figure interacts in unexpected situations. Texts by Marcello Farabegoli and Franz Thalmair (curator mumok - Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien) address in the book the relationship between "Las Manuelas" and the tradition of portraiture, as well as the heritage of the artistic genealogy to which Cueto belongs. A selection of videos and other new works also accompany this exhibition.

For the catalogue text by Marcello Farabegoli in English, click here

For the catalogue text by Marcello Farabegoli in German, click here

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A Special Project of the VIENNA ART WEEK funded by the cultural budget of the district of Neubau and with the kind support of FELLER Power Cords. The production of the book was supported by the Austrian Ministry of Culture BMKOES, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and Bildrecht.

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