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15 - 30 November 2020
Red Carpet Showroom Altes Landgut
U-Bahn-Station Altes Landgut (U1), 1100 Vienna

Installation by NATALIA GUROVA supported by Red Carpet Art Award and Marcello Farabegoli Projects.

Altes Landgut (Old Country Estate) made its way from royal fields to the casino district in Vienna. The artist revives these historical traces in her work. To this end she deals with the history of boredom (spleen, melancholy), which according to historians goes back several centuries. In different countries and times people have been bored in different ways. At the court of Louis XIV, "l'humeur noire" was initially characterised as the state into which courtiers fell during endless dinners. In Russia melancholy was existential. A gentleman like Oblomov preferred hibernation to vanity. The Austrian casinos, flourishing in the XVIII century, offered the chance to cope with existential boredom. They functioned in a certain loop: roundish house full of gambling tables. Roulette set the standard for the passing of time at the gambling table. Natalia Gurova wants to find out how the state of boredom is reflected in the rituals of Altes Landgut. The subway pays a bill for these rituals and carries away the burden of everyday life.

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